Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

The 2017-2018 Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program is now accepting applications. This academic exchange offers nearly 500 teaching, research, or combination teaching/research awards each year to assist in over 125 countries, sending professionals and top-tier faculty in all fields around the world to foster collaboration, innovation and partnership.

Since 1990, more than 70 awardees from UCF have participated in the program, visiting 41 different countries and specializing in a wide range of disciplines from journalism to biomedical sciences. Past recipients can be viewed below.

The deadline to apply is Aug. 1, 2017.

Contact Karen Biraimah, the UCF campus Fulbright representative, or Caitlin McNamara, the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) Fulbright recruitment and marketing officer, if you have any questions.

2015 - 2016

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Bryer, Thomas Lithuania Public Administration
DeGuzman, Kathleen Korea, South Education
Young, Denise Japan Social Work

2014 - 2015

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Biraimah, Karen Namibia Education
Chen, Po-Ju Austria Business
Kovach, Keith Austria Arts
Miller, Ann Uganda Communications

2013 - 2014

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Bryer, Thomas Iceland Education
Hoffman, Eric Brazil Biology
Milman, Ady Austria Business

2012 - 2013

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Bush, Pamela New Zeland
Chang, Ni-Bin Germany
Chen, Po-Ju Denmark Business
Cook, Christopher Germany Theology/Religion
Coombs, William Estonia
Tan, Huaixiang India Drama/Theater Arts
Weishampel, John Germany Environmental Sciences

2011 - 2012

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Bruno, Bousquet France Physics
Orde, Munro South Africa Chemistry
Collins, Steve Kenya Journalism

2010 - 2011

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Conroy, Annabelle Bolivia Political Science
Negy, Charles El Salvador Psychology
Crepeau, Richard Russia American (U.S.) Studies

2008 - 2009

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Biraimah, Karen Kenya Education
Campins, Humberto Spain Physics and Astronomy
Lewis, Elfed Ireland Engineering
Mansour, Zeinab Egypt Mathematics
Melendez, Kelley Germany Education
Rabelo, Luis Panama Engineering
Saunders, Carol Vienna Business Administration

2006 - 2007

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Bendriss, Rachid Germany Education
Pustovalova, Olga Russian Federation American Studies
Seidel, Kathryn Japan American Literature
Reynolds, Kenneth Russian Federation Sociology

2005 - 2006

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Cornell, Richard Ukraine Education
Pizam, Abraham Slovak Republic Business Administration
Abramowitz, Benjamin Ukraine Business Administration
Mushtaq, Shakila Pakistan Biological Sciences
Parsa, H.G. India Business Administration
Weishampel, John Canada Environmental Sciences

Prior to 2005

Scholar Program Country Discipline 
Morales, Waltraud Queise Bolivia Political Science
Davis, Duane Portugal Business Administration
Biraimah, Karen Malaysia Education
Head, Clarence Russian Federation Environmental Sciences
Price, Marian Germany American Literature
Decker, Bernard Fulbright German Studies Language and Literature (non-U.S.)
Mahan, Sue Peru Sociology
Rice, Stephen Germany Engineering
Batarseh, Issa Jordan Engineering
Debnath, Lokenath India Mathematics
Giovinco, Gina Jordan Medical Sciences
Hall, Gregory Russian Federation Political Science
Adicks, Richard Zimbabwe Language and Literature (non-U.S.)
Holt, Larry Lithuania Education
Elias, Luis Peru Physics and Astronomy
Gonzalez, Avelino Costa Rica Engineering
Bialecki, Ryszard Poland Engineering
Nanda, Sudarsan India Mathematics
Sadri, Houman Kuwait Political Science
Assem, Shireen Kamal Egypt Chemistry
Baloch, Abdul Pakistan Engineering
Morozova, Irina Russian Federation American Literature
Volo, Serena Italy Business Administration
Crepeau, Richard Russia American (U.S.) Studies
Burciu, Aurel Romania Economics
Kassim, Husain Salzburg Philosophy
Sadri, Houman Kuwait Political Science
Beiler, Rosalind Germany American History
Novikova, Anastasia Russian Federation Education
Benchekroun, Kamal Morocco Mathematics