For English Language institute Life coach, Salmah Hack, the Hijab is a just a way of life. The tradition behind the Hijab comes from modest means. “It literally means to cover.” You start to wear the hijab at the age of accountability, which is usually puberty. “Most people think that wearing a Hijab is a sign of submissiveness or a limitation, but for me, wearing a Hijab shows true confidence and empowerment. It is my lifestyle and it doesn’t define who I am as a person. When people look at me they usually stare and project their own perception of who I am, I aim to break that by being respectful to others and being very friendly and upfront about any questions. I aim to break the stereotype of Hibaji women.” Hijabi fashion is also on the rise in America these days. With High Fashion “Hijab Queen’s” leading the way.
“Stockholm-based designer and fashion blogger @imanaldebe
designs modern Hijabs, headscarves and veils with the goal of helping observant Muslim women feel stylish, unique and visible.” You can see her incredible designs here on Great Big Story.
UCF has its own Hijabi fashion blogger too! Rayyan Sukkarieh is a Health Science major and the face of Verona Clothing based in Orlando. She has been in the industry for about 3 years and has cultivated a huge following (just look at her Instagram page @anotherarabgurl1!).
“I model for Verona because I want to show that wearing a Hijab can be empowering and fashionable, plus the clothes are extremely comfortable now!” Rayyan believes that wearing a Hijab is a symbol of Modesty. “We are idols for other women who need that extra push to wear the Hijab and embrace their culture and religion. Hijabis are not separated, we do the same thing normal people do so we need to be integrated, which I’m trying to push with my modeling. Since politics is very polarized currently, it is getting harder for young women who come to the states for higher education to fully embrace their own culture and fit in at the same time. There is a cultural difference between us, but students who come from the Middle East should not have to change themselves to adapt to the norm.” More and more women are wearing hijabs every day. There has been a dramatic shift.
We look to women like Salmah and Rayyan to share their stories so that we can build empathy across campus and have a better understanding for all the cultures that attend University of Central Florida​.
Rayyan is also a Secretary for the Muslim student association on campus MSA Knights. To learn more about the hijab and its rich history, visit…/veili…/history-of-the-hijab/
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Salmah Hack