Meet Ivna Silva from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ivna is a Level 3 IEP student in the UCF Global English Program. Her plan is to study English here and to one day start a family in the United States. As far as her reasoning for choosing UCF Global, she states, “I chose UCF because my aunt sent me some options for college, and this university was by far the best choice because of how huge this place is.” She is unsure if she wants to continue into undergraduate classes but she is excited the opportunity is available here at UCF.

Ivna is very proud of her accomplishments so far in the program. She claims, “Being here without my family, friends, and normal routine is a really big change for me and so far, I think I’m really doing well here!”

Ivna would suggest future UCF Global students from Brazil to choose UCF because it is a great experience and is not that different from Brazil, the culture and the weather, “Its really worth it!”

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