Meet Sara Maria De Los Rios Velez from Cartago, Colombia

Sara is a level six IEP student in the UCF Global English Program. Her plan is to learn music and arts afterwards,, with an ultimate goal of being an entertainer.

Her reasoning for choosing to learn English at UCF Global, she states, “I came here to improve my English skills and this University provides a lot of benefits, experiences and opportunities!”

Sara has made great friends from all over the world at UCF Global. “It was easy for me to make friends here, I am the youngest in my class so sometimes it’s different, but I have made friends from so many different countries, like Brazil, Chile, and Saudi Arabia!”

Sara wants to help people with her music, has been practicing the piano for two years, and singing for four. You can watch Sara perform at this year’s
UCF Homecoming Knights Got Talent on Wednesday, October the 16th
from 8PM to 10PM in the Addition Financial Arena.

You can watch her audition performance, here.
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