Meet Vicki Ndjeuga from Cameroon, Africa

Vicki recently graduated from the English Language Institute in the summer of 2018 and is currently working in his 10th year with the United Nations as a Public Information Officer. He describes his experiences as follows, “I came to ELI to first develop my English skills and after that I would like to graduate with a degree in corporate communication.  My experiences have lead me to work in many countries at the U.N., some of which are Côte d’Ivoire, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Senegal. I chose ELI at UCF because of the great intensive courses they offer. I enjoy that I would spend every day reading, watching, and learning. This was a great experience because I developed my social skills and felt comfortable since I met many people from different nationalities. Diversity is one of the best things about ELI, it’s a wonderful melting pot of cultures. It feels very much like the U.N!”

While at the U.N., Vicki worked specifically in peace keeping operations. He has been deployed to support government security since most of the countries he has visited don’t have the capability to maintain it themselves.

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