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Bryer is highly published and conducts extensive research in the areas of public participation and collaboration across segments of society, including government, nonprofit, private, faith-based, and voluntary sectors. He has won multiple awards for his research, teaching, and service. In 2015, he was granted a Fulbright Core Scholar award to conduct research in Lithuania from 2015-2017, and he is currently a Fulbright Specialist, which will include work in Russia. He maintains an affiliation at Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania as Project Chief Researcher, leading research on non-economic factors of emigration, and he is visiting professor in the Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice at Edge Hill University in United Kingdom. He is the author or editor of four books: Higher Education beyond Job Creation: Universities, Citizenship, and Community (2014) National Service and Volunteerism: Achieving Impact in Our Communities (2015) Social Media for Government: Theory and Practice (2016) Poor Participation: Fighting the Wars on Poverty and Impoverished Citizenship (2018).