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Funded Research Opportunities

Students can receive funding to work on different research projects and studies. Currently the following funding opportunities are available:

Office of Global Perspectives and International Initiatives Fellowship

The PRRH supports students with a modest stipend to work on difference need base opportunities including creating and managing social media content, work on special, or provide support for the everyday activities of the Hub.


Directed Independent Research (4912)

Students can enroll to work with the PRRH director or other PRRH UCF Faculty Partners to work on a research or creative project related to Puerto Rican issues.

Honors Undergraduate Thesis (HUT)

Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors can work closely with the PRRH director or other PRRH UCF Faculty Partners to research, write, defend, and publish an original thesis on any issue related to Puerto Ricans that serves as an honors capstone product of their undergraduate career.


Research and Mentoring Program (RAMP)

The PRRH works closely with the RAMP program and provides research opportunities for undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented groups interested in pursuing graduate education.

For more information about the RAMP program can be found here.

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