It Starts With You!

International Affairs & Global Strategies is eager to work with UCF faculty and staff on the development of new and existing study abroad opportunities. Study Abroad program proposals for short-term programs, reciprocal exchange programs and any innovative project abroad should originate with the UCF faculty, staff or academic unit and have the support from their oversight administrators.

Resources for those interested in developing a short-term study abroad program

Grants and Program Assistance


IAGS In-House Grants: Faculty – Led 2015-2016 (PDF)

Proposal overview and submission process.

Deadline: November 03, 2015

Fundamentals of Leading a Program
Power Point overview of what is involved in leading a program

2015-2016 Proposal Process, Deadlines and Dates
Short-term Program Leader Proposal Process and Deadlines for fall 15, spring 16, summer 16

Expectations of Program Leader and Study Abroad
Overview on what should be expected of Study Abroad and what is expected of a Program Leader

How to Read a Budget
Point and click guide to the most important parts of an initial budget (best viewed in explorer or download by right clicking and “save link as” then opening in destination folder)

Resources for those interested in developing a Reciprocal Student Exchange Program (RSE)

RSE programs require the initiation of an agreement between UCF and an institution abroad. IAGS can help navigate this process but resources to help you get started are below:

UCF Guidelines For International Agreements
The place to start for understanding agreement development and process.

International Agreement Management System
Guide to using the International Agreement Management system

Current Study Abroad Policy




The UCF Office of International Studies is responsible for the administration and overall management of UCF study abroad programs and must approve all study abroad programs prior to travel abroad. The Office of International Studies shall establish procedures relating to the safety and welfare of the students, faculty members, and staff members; uniform compliance with applicable laws; consistency with UCF policies and regulations; and furtherance of the UCF mission and goals.