About Us

UCF Global at the University of Central Florida functions as the primary international hub for students, faculty, and staff. Through strong partnerships UCF Global is committed to increasing international mobility and enhancing the university’s global competency. Encompassing the English language programs and multiple support services for the international population on campus, UCF Global aides in transforming the lives of the UCF and global community.

University of Central Florida, Memory Mall

UCF Global | The International Hub at UCF


UCF Global is on a quest to help transform lives by providing access to high impact, international experiences across the UCF and global community with a commitment to excellence in partnership, innovation, and services.

Key Initiatives

Goal 1 facilitates communication and partnerships across disciplines, colleges, cultures, and nations

Goal 1

Become UCF’s International Hub that facilitates communication and partnerships across disciplines, colleges, cultures, and nations.

high impact international experiences

Goal 2

Increase both the number and diversity of students and faculty having high impact international experiences.

UCF Goal 3, To become #1 International School of Choice in Florida, USA

Goal 3

Become the University of Choice in the State of Florida for international students, scholars, and global partners.

Goal 4 IAGS Strategy

Goal 4

Strategically invest in innovative international initiatives through Fiscal Stewardship and a culture of cost containment.

Our Values


1. Learning

2. Internationalism

3. Communication

4. Partnership

5. Innovation