Records and Registration Services

Records and Registration Services serves as the custodian of records for the English Language Institute.  Students or sponsoring embassies may request enrollment letters or transcripts from Records and Registration Services. To receive an official copy of your UCF transcript or grades, please verify there are no holds or charges on your myUCF account, then e-mail providing your full name, UCF ID number, the document requested, and the approximate dates of study.


For students requesting late add, late drop, withdrawal, late withdrawal, and medical withdrawal, please see below for details.

Late Drop

A late drop must be requested if a student has not dropped a class by the add/drop deadline.  If approved, a late drop will result in a full refund of tuition and fees.

Late Add

A late add must be requested if a student has not added a class by the start of classes.  If approved, the student will be charged a $100 late fee and must pay the tuition and fees at the time the class is added.


Students may wish to withdraw from a class during the withdrawal period (See: ELI calendar).  If approved, the student is responsible for tuition fees and will not receive a refund.  The course(s) will remain on the student’s record and assigned a notation of ‘W’ for a grade.

Late Withdrawal

A late withdrawal must be requested if a student is unable to withdraw from a class by the withdrawal deadline.  If approved, the student is responsible for tuition and fees and will not receive a refund.  The course(s) will remain on the student’s record and assigned a notation of ‘W’ for a grade.

Medical Drop

A medical drop must be requested when a serious medical condition has arisen during a given semester affecting the student’s ability to continue.  The student must provide medical documentation demonstrating that there was a change in the condition during the semester which resulted in the student’s inability to meet course requirements.  If approved, the student is not responsible for any tuition or fees and will received a refund, if applicable.  The course(s) will remain on the student’s record and assigned a notation of ‘WM’ for a grade.


Download the ELI Student Handbook 2018-2019 to learn more about the English Language Institute and gain helpful information and tips about student life at the University of Central Florida.


Returning students are given a specific date and time to begin the registration process. See: ELI Calendar for this registration date.


If you have completed Grammar 8, Reading 8, Communication Skills 8, and Writing 8 with an overall grade of ‘C’ in each class, you are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Intensive English Program. All students are invited to attend the recognition ceremony at the end of each semester.

See: ELI Calendar for the date of the next recognition ceremony.


Logging on to MyUCF


Go to and click “sign on.” Log in with NID and NID password.


Navigate to “Student Self Service” then click on “Student Center”.


Select “Weekly Schedule” to see your class schedule.


Please see the “Online Enrollment Guide”
to see how to register


ELI Calendar of Activities

October 1

Deleon Springs

Deleon Springs

October 14

Spirit Splash

Spirit Splash

October 15

Football Game

Tailgating and Football

October 21

Challege Course

Challenge Course

October 22

Petrified Forest scareactor

Petrified Forest

October 31

Halloween (1)

Halloween Party and Costume Contest

November 17

intl fair

International Fair

November 19


Orlando Science Center and Festival of Trees