Funding Your Education at UCF

Higher education requires an investment of time, effort, and money. This page will offer some resources to support you in your pursuit of your education goals.


Funding in the form of assistantships, fellowships, and tuition support is available to qualified graduate students. Eligibility requirements and application guidelines are established by the colleges and departments. Students should contact the Graduate Program Director in the department of study to which they are applying for more information. There is also more detailed information available on the College of Graduate Studies Website located at:


The federal government does not have any specific financial aid program for undergraduate international students. The Office of Student Financial Assistance periodically lists outside scholarship opportunities to non-US citizens online at Please refer to the Scholarship Listing website, To search additional scholarships, please visit For other financial support opportunities, please refer to the academic department of your major.


If you or a sponsor will be providing the funding for your education, there are specific requirements you must follow to document those funds. Original documents will be necessary to meet the requirement.

If you submit a bank statement

If you will support yourself with personal funds, you may submit a bank statement only. The account must belong to you (the applicant).

If you submit a bank letter

The bank letter must be written in English on bank letterhead and must contain the following information: account holder’s name, applicant’s name (if different from the account holder), and the available balance in the U.S. dollar equivalent. If the account belongs to the student’s sponsor, the letter must also state that the sponsor will be responsible for the financial support of the student. A notarized affidavit of support may also be required.

If you submit a notarized affidavit of support

If you have one or more financial sponsors, you must submit a notarized affidavit of support for each sponsor. Each affidavit must be notarized, certifying the signature of the sponsor, be written in English, and state that the sponsor will be responsible for the applicant’s expenses and for what amount (in the U.S. dollar equivalent). Bank statements must accompany this document.

If you receive financial support from UCF

If the assistantship or fellowship does not cover the minimum funds requirement, you will need to provide us with supplementary financial support documents.

Other Resources


Please review the following links to see if a linkage institute exists between Florida and your home country. Click applicable button for more information and opportunities available.

Financial Aid:

International Education Financial Aid:

After you determine how you will fund your education at UCF, you should be able to submit the documents necessary for processing the I-20.
Early submission will help to avoid unnecessary delays.