The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides high-quality English language programs for international students and professionals, offers services that enhance research and instruction in language learning, and coordinates cultural programs that contribute to multicultural awareness and global education.


  1. Prepare students for graduate or undergraduate studies by offering a program of courses and activities that allows students to systematically progress in order to attain a competency in the English language necessary for performing at the university level.

  2. Offer enough electives to allow professional, non-academically-bound students to create a curriculum of English language instruction in order to enhance their professional development.

  3. Provide students, as a transition to a university, the means to participate in the culture of the United States by offering opportunities to experience the community through field trips and other activities.

  4. Serve as a liaison to promote better multicultural awareness and appreciation between the international students and the community.

  5. Ensure the quality of instruction that is provided through effective hiring and training procedures of the teaching staff and ongoing staff developments.
  6. Furnish a forum for practicums necessary for students in the TESOL Master’s program.

  7. Strive to maintain a balance of students from diverse cultures through active recruitment.

  8. Provide support services to assist students in their academic pursuit as well as social and personal adjustments.