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Provide high-quality, innovative English language instruction for academic, professional and personal development while building and fostering cultural competence.


1. Develop English language learners’ linguistic, cultural and academic skills for successful undergraduate or graduate study.

  • Evaluate and revise curriculum to ensure courses are built upon sound pedagogy and systematically progress in proficiency.
  • Develop opportunities for students to interact with university departments.
  • Develop and evaluate elective offerings to enhance and compliment core program courses.


2. Build and develop a faculty body who are prepared to deliver current, high-quality instruction with a high level of service to students.

  • Provide continuous professional development for effective teaching.
  • Evaluate faculty for effectiveness and assessment of further training.


3. Build a culture of collegiality and shared commitment to student and program success.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to collegiality and mutual respect.
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