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Most international visitor activity associated with the university will normally fall under five main categories:
  • Research Services
  • Lecturing
  • Teaching
  • Speaking Engagements, including meetings or seminars
  • Consulting Services

However, an international visitor’s proposed activity and payment must be allowable under the proposed visa status in order for the university to meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential penalties and fines.

UCF Global Needs to Review:
    1. Vendor setup/reactivation for all international individuals who will be  reimbursed/paid by UCF such as: non-UCF students, contractors, visitors, etc.
    2. All payments/reimbursements made to (or on behalf of) international individuals or companies/entities such as: travel, stipends, honoraria, royalties, fees, etc.

In order for UCF Global to complete a review, setup a vendor number, and conduct a tax analysis for visitors who are receiving payments, the UCF department will need to complete a Form C and provide an invoice and/or travel receipts to UCF Global.

The visitor will need to provide a copy of his or her passport and complete an IRS W-8BEN Form for individuals.

Please see the flowchart for more specific information and requirements.

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